Installation in Three Channels: 1. Ignis (center) 2. Aqua (left and right)

Installation in Three Channels: 1. Ignis (center) 2. Aqua (left and right)


SoMad artist Carla Maldonado is showing with Satellite Art Show in New York with her installation IgnisAqua. Maldonado works across photography and filmmaking to make installation work that is inherently political and explores her relationship to the struggles of progressive movements in her home country of Brazil post-Jair Bolsonaro, and about her experience as a latin immigrant in the post-Donald Trump era.

In IgnisAqua, Maldonado displays a three-channel immersive video installation with footage she collected while living in the Amazonian Forest in early 2019. The central channel shows the rainforest being illegally burned, while the surrounding two channels show footage from the Black River. Text of current news headlines concerning the horrendous deforestation happening right now in Brazil provides the backstory for the struggles of indigenous people living in the forest, and communicate the impact that threatening this ecosystem will have on the health of the whole planet.

Carla Maldonado is a visual artist born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She holds an MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts.

“With this work I am able to communicate the real interests that the fascist government of Brazil has in our natural riches. They want gold and oil from the forest, they get it through fire and blood. We, who see the Amazon as the air we breathe and the water we drink, don’t have enough power to change what’s being done from a passive point of view. For that reason, I wish to show this work and create awareness about my population’s struggles. Brazilian people are acting but our majority is being manipulated. In New York, I have the privilege of freedom of speech. In my home country, like many other artists who speak up about the government atrocities, my work would be shut down.” — Carla Maldonado


After successful editions in Miami (Art Basel) and Austin (SXSW), SATELLITE ART SHOW is coming to New York City! SATELLITE will present 40 + experiential art projects for visitors to engage with in a human and inclusive way. We will be presenting our project inside of a 12,000 sq foot space within the Pfizer Building on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn. Expect projects spanning fine art, performance, installation, tech and sensory based activation.

Press: “An Anti-Mainstream Art Fair Feels More Like an Immersive Bazaar,” Hyperallergic, October 4, 2019